System Integration and Intelligent Services
SST is able to build a complete, reliable, efficient, flexible, and secure network environment for enterprise customers in a one-stop manner, and provide professional network technology consulting and operation and maintenance management services, and provide various enterprise applications such as collaborative services on demand.

Network Technology Consulting and Outsourcing Service

SST provides consulting services in respect of information and communication technology service planning and design, as well as one-stop integration and management services such as IT solution consulting, planning, design, implementation, and delivery provided based on leading technology solutions such as public cloud services, private cloud services, security services, and software defined network services.

  • Private installation and professional technicians.

AT&T Conferencing Service

AT&T Conferencing is a collaborative value-added service based on AT&T's global AVPN backbone, which brings customers a globally efficient collaborative service experience.

  • Easy operation and higher efficiency;
  • Global deployment and stable operation.

Enterprise Intelligent Integration Service

Intelligent RPA+AI robot

Based on advanced automation technologies, SST RPA performs repetitive and time-consuming work tasks across systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve business innovation of enterprises. With embedded powerful artificial intelligence technologies such as computer vision, document understanding, and NLP, it helps enterprises build platform level capabilities for automated and intelligent businesses.

Enterprise data middle ground integration services

As a new integration service, SST EIS (Enterprise Integration Service) connects different systems or businesses within and outside an enterprise to a unified platform to achieve resource integration, data orchestration, business connection, and other functions among various systems and meet the demand of enterprises for integration of the integrated lightweight, comprehensive, and highly flexible systems and support various integration scenarios, such as application integration, data integration, B2B ecosystem integration, process integration, UI integration, and Internet of Things integration.

AR Smart Wearing Service

SST head-mounted computer frees up both hands through voice control and captures data using AR assisted reality, augmented reality, AI artificial intelligence, IoT Internet of Things and other technologies to help enterprise personnel in the digital era to complete their work in a safe, intelligent, and efficient manner, thus reducing enterprise costs and improving enterprise efficiency.