Unisiti Value-chain Alliance (UVA) was established at the end of 2007 jointly by Unisiti, China Telecom Group Shanghai Co., Ltd., AT&T and over 30 large and medium value-adding service providers, business developers, system integrators, equipment suppliers and consultation service institutions active in telecom enterprise service market.

Aiming to "strengthen the product supply chain, build a business value chain, and upgrade the brand communication chain", UVA promotes a business philosophy of symbiotic cooperation and joint value creation. The alliance continuously holds the annual conferences, as well as bilateral and multilateral business cooperation meetings, bringing sustainable value for most participating parties in brand upgrade, business resources cooperation, technological innovation, collaborative marketing, connections resources and industrial information sharing, and gradually establishing its influence in the regional market of Shanghai.

At the end of each year, UVA holds a large comprehensive annual conference, typically in the diversified form of value information sharing, theme discussion, brainstorm and team activities in order to review business cooperation between various partners and SST, and to constantly improve collaboration. Meanwhile, the annual conference serves as a platform for member companies of the alliance to communicate common needs, explore future respective development model and strategy, discuss how to improve business collaboration through leveraging and sharing resources, and learn from one another so as to lay a solid foundation for closer cooperation and to create more value for member companies of the alliance.