Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (SST) was established in December, 2000 in Shanghai. The company was jointly invested by the China Telecom Corporation Limited, AT&T Corporation of the United States, and Shanghai Information Investment Inc. (SII) of the Shanghai Municipal government.

As the first Sino-foreign joint venture for value-added telecom services in China, and powered by the unrivaled capabilities of China Telecom and AT&T, SST was incepted with a mission to contribute an information platform beyond the geographical limit and cultural background, which focused on not only one stop services but also value-added management services to gain more Chinese multinational companies.

SST is serving more than 600 multinational companies in finance, aviation, manufacture, logistic, retail and many other area. It also specializes in customizing innovative and perspective services especially, in order to create consistent maximum value for customer market challenges and needs.