Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (SST) was founded in December 2000, jointly invested by China Telecom Co., Ltd. (CTC), American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) and Shanghai Information Investment Inc. (SII)

As a Sino-foreign joint venture for value-added telecom operation, SST benefits from its local telecom network, AT&T’s global resources and technical management experience, as well as the government's supportive industrial policies. Leveraging the advantages of its powerful shareholders, SST is devoted to building an information platform for business operation across geographical boundaries and cultural differences. SST takes customer demand as its first priority, providing multinationals in China with customized forward-looking super solution in the form of one-stop information network integration service. Moreover, people-oriented SST values the wisdom of its employees so as to provide powerful consulting services, bringing added value to its customers.

SST has long been providing high-quality telecom services for nearly 600 well-known multinational and local enterprises in finance, manufacturing, logistics and retail, etc. and offering strong support for many Chinese enterprises to go abroad for global competition.