Product & Solution

Enterprise Virtual Private Network

In combination with the global and domestic high-quality network resources of shareholders, SST uses MPLS VPN networking technology to establish a stable, secure, and efficient corporate global private network.

  • Flexible and efficient: Flexible access method enables secure point-to-point connections, efficient transmission, and network expansion;
  • High reliability: Provide different levels of SLA to ensure high network reliability;
  • High availability: Provide multiple CoS combinations to meet different needs and ensure application performance;
  • One-stop local access: provide integrated and optimized line resources and a complete one-stop total network solution;
  • Network management services: Provide business flow monitoring and analysis services, provide data reports on demand, and regularly review and analyze.

Internet Access Service

As a neutral network value-added service provider, SST provides Internet access to the outlets of multiple operators, including private line Internet access services, metropolitan area network Internet access services, xDSL access services, 4G/5G wireless access services, and international access acceleration customization services.

  • Integration of multiple operators to achieve resource sharing;
  • Reliable line quality, low latency, low packet loss rate, and low jitter;
  • Network management services such as network monitoring.
  • Provide high-speed international access channels on demand.

Software Defined Wide Area Network Service

Software Defined Wide Area Network Service (SD-WAN) is a technology based on Software Defined Network (SDN). It separates data forwarding from control, greatly simplifying network management and operation and improving network transmission quality. At the same time, SST has an SD-WAN cloud management platform, which is provided to customers in form of services to enable centralized management and rapid deployment.

  • Capable of integrating multiple connection methods such as leased line, Internet, MPLS and 4G/5G to effectively increase bandwidth.
  • Rapid deployment: simplified device activation process to help enterprises quickly conduct business.
  • Intelligent routing: link aggregation, packet loss re-transmission, and automatic error correction technologies are employed to significantly optimize network transmission quality, support application-based traffic routing strategies, and ensure the use of core applications;
  • Simplified operation and maintenance: link quality is monitored in real time to achieve application traffic visualization.
  • Secure access: provide secure end-to-end integration solutions, data encryption, and segmented isolation.

AT&T Network Function Virtualization Service (AT&T FlexWare℠)

AT&T Network Function Virtualization Service (AT&T FlexWare℠) is a new generation of virtualization cloud platform that integrates network functions such as virtual routers, virtual firewalls, and virtual SD-WAN on a single client device through NFV technology, and also supports VNFs of several internationally famous manufacturers such as Juniper, CISCO, VMware, Palo Alto, and Fortinet. You can flexibly choose different types or brands of VNFs by different application scenarios to reduce the complexity of network architecture and the difficulty in operation and maintenance, and achieve a fast, simple, and digital user experience.

  • Rapid and flexible deployment
  • Centralized coordination and management

SST NetBond Essentials Service

Provide dedicated connections with multiple cloud service providers, reduce lengthy procurement and delivery cycles, and ensure that the security and performance are controllable. Through cooperation with AT&T, the cloud exchange platform deployed in the SST Data Center provides logical connections for each customer to achieve customer traffic isolation.

  • Flexible configuration: multiple high-quality public cloud services are available through a single line;
  • Excellent performance: reduced latency, reduced packet loss rates, enhanced security, and all traffic endpoints are directly connected to the public cloud;
  • Safe and reliable: Through the connection of operator level private lines, various risks on the Internet are avoided.
  • Cloud network integration: Interconnection with AT&T and SST communication networks achieves high-speed cloud access of customers.

AT&T Business WIFI Service

Based on AT&T business WIFI services, SST provides a highly secure LAN connection solution for enterprise customers, including Wi-Fi access for end users, LAN analysis, and network management for wired devices.

  • Support centralized cloud deployment and centralized control;
  • Automated network monitoring and reporting;
  • Support public WiFi solutions that comply with Orders 82 and 151 issued by Ministry of Public Security.