MNC Forum

Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd.initiated the “Forum on Global Networking of China Multinational Companies” (China MNC Forum) and held the first session in Shanghai in December 2003.


As the economic globalization process speeds up, especially after China 's successful entry into WTO, many domestic companies with international competitive edge in the product range, technology and service have stridden outside to develop the overseas market and business. But how to connect the overseas branches with the headquarters in China and form a network safely and reliably and how to manage the global virtual business network quickly and efficiently are the tasks and challenges confronting the CIO's of all enterprises.


Synchronize information beyond national boundaries, share resources all over the world. By holding the principles of promoting the satisfaction of market demands and in order to offer effective help to excellent multinational companies in China that are planning to establish or have already established communication networks overseas,


Experts' thematic lecture and experience-sharing among representatives, introduction of the advanced practice and experience by IT managers of famous foreign companies, analysis of the development trend of the global communication network technology by technical experts, and free discussions.