SST Unleashes Value of Comprehensive Communications Services with Exceptional Quality
The digital economy is emerging as a key force in reorganizing global factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the industrial competition model. As the underlying infrastructure and technology of the digital economy, modern information networks and information communication technology have grown in significance and become a crucial driving engine for businesses to compete in the international market.

Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (SST), a Sino-foreign joint venture for value-added telecom operation, has been steadily going through over two decades since its inception in December 2000. While providing nearly 600 multinational and local clients with superior comprehensive communications services, we play an essential role in helping Chinese companies expand overseas and foreign companies connect with the Chinese market. In 2023, SST once again delivered satisfactory outcomes.

Diversified development leads to industry recognition for SST’s comprehensive communication services

Now as the information and communication sector undergoes profound changes and transformation, the two fields of IT and CT are progressively merging, and new technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain are gaining momentum... The extensive industrial innovation that encompasses technologies, models, and services is subverting the model and structure of the traditional communications industry with unprecedented changes. Over this time, SST has diversified its development to adapt to changes. By the end of 2023, it has established four service lines: network technology services, hybrid cloud and data hosting services, information security management and service, and system integration and intelligent services, meeting the needs of the industry with first-rate, comprehensive communication services.

SST provides enterprises with one-stop wide area network services leveraging its premium network resources at home and abroad. Its hybrid cloud and data hosting services, which are based on SST Data Center – a multiple integration platform, include SST Data Center hosting services, private cloud, public cloud, remote disaster recovery, data hosting solutions, and one-stop cloud migration and management services. The segment of information security management and service intends to help businesses address cybersecurity challenges and compliance requirements with policy-related security consulting services, network-related boundary security products, and so on. And through system integration and intelligent services, SST is able to help corporate customers build network environments in a one-stop manner, and deliver professional technical consulting and operation and maintenance management services, as well as collaborative services on demand and other various enterprise applications.

Thanks to its outstanding services and technology, SST has repeatedly earned industry awards. At the 2023 (14th) IT Operation and Maintenance Conference, SST won the title of the Most Influential Enterprise in the 2023 Smart Operation and Maintenance Star List. In December 2023, it was listed again among the top 50 Shanghai Internet companies by comprehensive strength in 2023.

Dedicated and professional, SST maintains sustainable growth with world-class services

As one of the first Sino-foreign joint-venture value-added telecommunication operator established in China, SST capitalizes on worldwide network resources and technical management expertise, as well as the government’s preferential industrial policies and the strong alliance, to become a comprehensive information platform for business operations that transcends both geographical boundaries and cultural backgrounds.

As a promoter and witness of telecommunications openness and international cooperation in China, we’re fully aware of our extraordinary mission, and that only through continuous efforts and improvements can we complete this mission. Therefore, SST always puts customer needs as its top priority by providing one-stop services and tailoring forward-looking super solutions for information network integration services for multinational business customers in the country. Furthermore, following the people-oriented principle, it offers robust consulting and advice through its professional team, consistently creating greater value for clients.

In this process, SST has put together a team with unmatched expertise and service capabilities, which is expected to boost its transformation and innovative development. Since 2023, SST has made impressive progress in three areas: customer structure expansion, product and business structure expansion, and core capacity building. While ensuring ongoing business operations, the company continues to improve its core competitiveness. In particular, it has been named the International Integrated Service Center of China Telecom Corporation Limited Shanghai Branch. – which has resulted in strategic partnerships, and it has also been deeply engaged in its shareholder’s YunZhou Plan, laying a solid foundation for its new paradigm of business development and collaboration.

At the moment, SST is committed to delivering superior global and local network services to nearly 600 multinational and local companies in finance, manufacturing, logistics, retail and many other industries. Stepping into 2024, we are determined to remain true to our mission – to continuously unleash the value of comprehensive communications services with exceptional quality, make valuable attempts to empower industry development, and provide strong impetus for global business development.